Salesforce Services

We’re a team of Salesforce Certified Administrators and Developers that solve difficult business challenges and automate processes using Salesforce Customization.
Salesforce Certified Services

Salesforce Administration

Salesforce Administration utilizes the declarative "out of the box" tools provided to customize the platform to meet your needs. Whether you need to create email templates, generate reports or manage day-to-day processes, Undefined Design's Administrators have you covered.
Sales Cloud Configuration
Service Cloud Configuration
Marketing Cloud Configuration
Lightning Communities

Salesforce Development

Salesforce Development is a combination of aesthetic & functional design. When out of the box tools fail, development is your ace in the hole! Undefined Design's certified developers will work closely with you to create the functionality you need, when you need it.
API Integrations
Lightning Components
APEX Classes
APEX Triggers
Lightning Communities

Salesforce Implementation

Proper implementation sets the foundation for your database and new processes. Getting it right the first time is key. Undefined Design's experienced and certified professionals will ensure a solid foundation for launch.

Documentation & Training

Without proper documentation and training for end users, even the easiest solutions may seem daunting and may not be used to their fullest potential. We provide all the training and documentation your team needs to maximize Salesforce to the fullest potential. Increase productivity and reduce user error while providing the greatest and fastest ROI of your investment.

Salesforce Customization & Conceptualization

Our team identifies your business’ pain points and work with you to tailor a solution that is functional, practical, and easy to use for any challenge or business application. Proper planning and vision is paramount to designing a solution that alleviates a business challenge. Our team has the knowledge and experience to develop a solution that turns your wish list into reality.

Lightning App Components

Our administrators can use these custom components when creating lightning pages for their users. This gives your team tremendous flexibility when creating user friendly and specific applications for a business use case. Undefined Design developers are adept at creating these components and implementing them to give your team the productivity edge they need to succeed.

Process Builder & Workflows

Reduce user error and increase Salesforce adoption by automating vital parts of your business processes. Process Builder and Workflows can be used to send email notifications to the appropriate party, automatically populate fields, even across objects or create Records when certain criteria are met.
Reporting with salesforce customization
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Salesforce Customization Dashboard

Custom CRM Reporting

One of the greatest strengths of a CRM is the reporting and analytics it can provide from all the data it collects. Undefined Design can create custom reports and dashboards to provide your team with the most relevant data and analytics for your business use case; everyone from the decision makers all the way down to the everyday end user.


Visualforce is the framework in Salesforce that allows for the building of sophisticated, custom user interfaces that are natively used on the Lightning platform. Undefined Design has expertise in building these custom user interfaces, using Visualforce, allowing near limitless userability of the Lightning platform.

API Integrations with Salesforce Customization

We understand that not all of your programs are custom built or native to Salesforce. Most 3rd party software programs can be integrated with Salesforce by combining all of your operational functions in one platform. Our team will ensure your integrations been setup the properly to gain full usability and avoid potential issues.

APEX Classes & Triggers

Apex is the coding language of Salesforce and our team speaks it fluently, which gives our developers an edge in customization. Building custom Apex classes and triggers allows for highly automated actions to occur in Salesforce, which are not native to the platform. This allows us to tailor solutions to your needs and critical processes.
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Lightning Communities

Lightning Communities is an extension of your Salesforce platform for external users, customers, and partners. This allows external users to access a branded version of your platform without gaining access to confidential information. Our team will design a look and feel of your Salesforce Communities that promotes adoption and integrates external users into your Salesforce environment.

Sales Cloud Configuration

Sales Cloud is the fully customizable sales performance and customer relationship management software from Salesforce designed to optimize business processes and increase conversions. Our team of Salesforce experts will configure a robust instance that offers functionality while maintaining performance on the backend.

Marketing Cloud Configuration

Marketing Cloud is the Salesforce platform used for digital marketing automation and analytics. It combines customer data and behavior to create real-time interactions between your business and the customer. We take the guesswork out of setup and get your marketing efforts optimized at peak performance to provide the greatest ROI.
Salesforce Customization with Lightning

Service Cloud Configuration

Service Cloud and Field Service Lightning is the platform that focuses on customer service and support. Set appointments, provide a help center, give real-time updates and notifications to customers, and much more. Leverage our experience to configure Service Cloud specific to your business and automate interactions between your technicians and support desk.

Implementation & Support

A well-coordinated Salesforce implementation can significantly improve workplace productivity and transform your team’s experiences. Salesforce implementations require a strategic approach with industry experience to drive the results you desire and maximize adoption. Our experience, industry knowledge, and expertise deliver Salesforce solutions that transform your business.
Increase ROI with Salesforce Customization
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