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Custom CRM Solutions

Implement effective selling solutions while improving customer experience with custom CRM solutions built by our team at Undefined Design. With driven entrepreneurs, highly-effective professionals and the latest technical innovations everywhere, there’s an extensive need to unify processes and experience. 

Our team at Undefined Design are experts in Salesforce customization. As your Salesforce Certified expert, we leverage the value in Salesforce software to drive efficiency and grow your business.

Solutions for Logistics

Salesforce Consulting Services for Professionals

As the industry leader, Salesforce proves time and time again to be the best CRM for real estate agents, small businesses, insurance agencies, financial advisors, and countless more professionals. Undefined Design customizes Salesforce cloud services depending on your objectives.

Our team uses our experience providing solutions for diverse industries to determine which custom instance of industry-specific Salesforce apps, such as sales cloud and financial services cloud, will best serve your clients.
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Developing the Best CRM for Tech Companies

As a technology company as well, we are very familiar with the level of competition in the industry. Stay ahead of the curve with Salesforce. Improve SaaS subscription models, execute bundle pricing, and manage subscriptions and contracts effectively.

With custom Salesforce products, businesses are able to unify the buyer’s journey while delivering intuitive customer service. We tailor solutions with process automation, lead prioritizing, and next actions so you can better serve your client base. Start developing custom CRM solutions today with UD.
Custom Salesforce Cloud Consulting

Simplifying Your Business

Our clients can extend their custom Salesforce solution to customers, partners, and members. Increase your business reach with Salesforce Lightning Communities by offering a digital experience that capitalizes on the existence of your robust infrastructure. In turn, providing a branded experience and encouraging engagement.

With Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and Service Cloud, the possibilities of Salesforce are unfathomable. If you can think of a way that your business can become more productive, Undefined Design can develop it.
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Reporting with salesforce customization

Core Benefits

A Vantage Point of Your Business: Unite the efforts of marketing, sales, service, and IT with Salesforce. Automized processes, live tracking, and analytics reporting modernize your business and drive efficiency.

Reduce Overhead and Expenses: Reduce the costly overhead of maintaining an in-house IT team. Meanwhile, leverage the overall readiness of your business and maximize value with UD’s diverse Salesforce expertise at your fingertips. 

Improve Buyer’s Journey and Experience: Cloud management lets you promptly fill customer order requests with delivery automation, live tracking, and status notifications. In turn, providing an exceptional customer experience.  

Own Your Data, Secure Your Systems: Own and control your data from Day One.  Our platforms surpass the expectations of secure storage with full-system backups always readily available. 

Custom CRM Solution Consultants

Your Team of Salesforce Experts

Holding countless Salesforce certifications, our team integrates systems, automates processes, and develops virtually any process you can visualize. Our developers utilize API integration to enhance the vital aspects of your company. For business professionals of all backgrounds and technology companies of all focuses, Undefined Design can create a solution you never knew possible. 

Our team at Undefined Design dedicates their careers to developing custom CRM solutions that will simplify businesses. During our countless years of experience, we have seen the impact of integrating Salesforce platforms across diverse industries. The results blew us away. Yet alone the impact they have on our clients. We are grateful for the opportunity to see how customizing Salesforce applications accelerates overall processes and drives business productivity. Start building your platform today.

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