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Salesforce Integration services allow Salesforce to effectively communicate with other systems. Undefined Design works with all levels of system integrations to ensure a seamless connection that boosts productivity. 
Integrated payment systems

Integrated Payment System

Streamline the payment acceptance process and easily manage donations with integrated payment systems in Salesforce.

Heroku Integration Services

Heroku Integration or PAAS Integrations with Salesforce provides seamless interaction between different softwares.

Lightning Communities 

Undefined Design can take integrations one  step farther with Lightning Community portals and attractive user interfaces. 
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What is Salesforce Integration?

For our company and many others, Salesforce is the center of the universe you might say.  With that picture in your head, imagine multiple branches of bilateral communication sprouting off to other softwares. Softwares can range from payment systems and employee  benefits to email communications and event calendars.  

The end result are various softwares that communicate seamlessly with Salesforce. In other words, instead of logging into multiple platforms, you log into Salesforce. Instead of updating two different systems, you update Salesforce. System integrations increase user adoption and  business productivity while eliminating wasted time and hassle. 

At Undefined Design, our Salesforce experts offer virtually any type of software integration services you can imagine. Our team can create integrations of multiple languages and platforms including PAAS, Apex, custom API's, and many more. 
Integrated payment systems

Get More from Payment Processing Systems that Integrate with Salesforce

Salesforce has earned a stellar reputation for handling all types of CRM activities, processes, reporting, and automations that save businesses countless hours. As a highly customizable cloud platform, Salesforce empowers not only the Sales and Marketing teams, but also the accounting team.  Quotes, invoices, payments, and other monetary transactions are made possible through Salesforce.  Integrated payment systems are a must have for speedy and controlled payments, increased security, and time-saving automation.  

Manage Donations and Increase User Engagement

Integrated payment systems enables a plethora of capabilities. In regards to Salesforce for Non-profits and membership management platforms, managing donations is one of the more impactful features.  With Undefined Design's integration services, our team can implement the most effective solution that increases not only donations, but also user engagement. Our focus is on creating a community that users want to be apart of. 
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Heroku Integration Services 

In the technical world of integrations, there are one-way (mirrored) and two-way (bilateral or bi-directional) integrations.  With that being said, what does this actually mean?  Mirrored integrations sends data from the source platform to the destination platform. Whereas bilateral integrations work in synchrony to send and receive data from both platforms in real time. Heroku is one of the leading PAAS cloud solutions that enables bilateral integrations with Salesforce. 

Stable and Reliable Salesforce Integrations

With dependable bi-directional synchronizations, Heroku makes sharing sensitive data significantly less stressful. Additionally, repeatable automations are made possible. For example, consider updating employee benefits. Heroku provides consistent configurations across the source and destination platform. 

Undefined Design can design and develop bi-laterral integrations without the use of Heroku as well. However, it is one of the most reputable and well-known tools and our team is well-versed in proper implementations. 
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Api integration services

Boost Salesforce Engagement with Lightning Communities

Salesforce Lightning Communities can be used to create a portal or "community" that lets users login to specific features and tools. Customize Salesforce communities with branding, custom development, CSS styles, and layouts that resonate most with your target audience. For example, think of different tiers within an organization. Maybe, you only want new hires to be able to access a limited amount of information. Whereas you want C-Suite execs to have access to countless tools and secure data. With Salesforce lightning communities, you can easily control the whereabouts of your users. 

Improve Experience and User Adoption

One of hand, communities provide control and security. On the other hand, communities also improve user adoption and the overall experience. Instead of being blindsided by countless amounts of irrelevant data, users can effortlessly navigate to the information that's most relevant to them. 
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Streamline Membership Management