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Unite Your Community with Salesforce Solutions

Organizations built on membership need more from a solution than simply membership management. Instead, you need a solution that will help you grow by providing organization while building a community and engaging members. 

Our team has countless Salesforce certifications and widespread industry knowledge. We take the robust Salesforce platform and mold it to the capabilities that your members deserve. As a result, creating a bridge between modern infrastructure and overall business strategy.

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Membership Management Solution

Grow Your Organization with the #1 CRM

Organizations greatly benefit from utilizing membership management software. From Jewish Communities and ministries to YMCA and gym members, CRMs build a relationship between members and the organization itself. Gain support from members, donors, and partners with Salesforce.

Robust and fully-customizable, Salesforce is the #1 CRM, or customer relationship management system, used to organize massive collections of data. Manage programs, fuel fundraising, and deploy marketing efforts with Salesforce.
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The Importance of Membership Software

No two organizations are the same. With that being said, two membership solutions shouldn’t be the same either. There are countless membership software, apps, and tools on the market. However, few are as customizable and effective as Salesforce. Our Salesforce experts at Undefined Design tailor solutions to the needs of your members and the objectives of your organization. Are donations the primary goal? We’ll integrate payment processing and automate marketing efforts. Class enrollment? Check class schedules and enroll online. Whatever your focus, UD can drive it.

More Than a Membership Management Solution

Manage members, communicate with volunteers, and nurture partnerships in one place. As your Salesforce solutions provider, UD seamlessly integrates diverse systems and resources. We develop custom forms, criteria-specific filters, and personalize messaging across the platform to benefit differing groups. Additionally, organizations can build reports and gain valuable insight into your member base with Salesforce Lightning Dashboard. Organize, track, and coordinate your efforts with custom CRM solutions by Undefined Design.
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Core Benefits

Effortlessly Enroll Constituents: Modernize sign-ups with custom forms and process flows. Whether it’s new members joining your congregation or organization, or current members looking to join classes, enrollment is a breeze. 

Stay Connected with Members: Streamline engagement for members, partners, donors, and volunteers. Salesforce serves as a hub for all things member-related with the ability to guide experiences using varying access, user views, and custom messaging. 

Communicate Effectively: Stay in touch with your member base through personalized messaging. From automatic response emails to email campaign scheduling, marketing and communication tools have never been easier.

Track Valuable Insights: Understand your members and constituents with the ability to track actions and responses. Determine which data is most valuable to you with custom output columns and reports.

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Choosing Undefined Design as Your Salesforce Consultants

Our team at Undefined Design brings countless years of experience to the table. We implement successful Salesforce solutions that provide astounding ROI across diverse industries. Our team is very passionate about helping temples, synagogues, congregations, and other non-profit organizations grow. By customizing member experience, driving donations, and encouraging engagement, we are confident our team can help you grow your community.     

Cloud solutions integrate resources, process payments, and make it easy to enroll in courses. Additionally, we keep members informed with automatic messaging and email campaigns. As a result, enhancing customer experience and increasing the number of return members. Internally, we eliminate time spent on administrative tasks with automated processes, reducing overhead. Start growing your organization today with Undefined Design. 

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