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Undefined Design envisions and implements cloud-based solutions that spearhead the challenges businesses face on a daily basis.
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Develop a Cloud Strategy 

Undefined Design has a proven track record of creating invaluable solutions from cloud-based software investments. Our approach combines personalized consulting experience with deep industry knowledge to develops solutions that allows clients to transition to the cloud quickly and effectively.  We take a deep-dive into the challenges our clients face on a daily basis, the capabilities that would leverage productivity, and much more to develop an effective strategy. 
Form Communities with Salesforce

Create Conversation, Form Communities. 

Out of the industries Undefined Design proudly serves, we find ourselves often collaborating with Non-Profits.  After getting into the thick of common hold-ups, our team excels in developing solutions that not only make the lives of users much easier, but also drives engagement from the community. Undefined Design provides a custom solution called MemberSpot that will turn your CRM into a high-functioning community. 

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Leverage the capabilities specific to your Salesforce instance. Undefined Design takes the best practices that we've acquired from years of working with the varying Salesforce ecosystems. We're proud to have a diverse range of expertise that allows us to best serve our clientele. From State and Local Government to Professional Services and Technology, our team can make your CRM work for you
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