Salesforce for State & Local Government

Salesforce for State & Local Government

Leverage UD’s experience in Salesforce implementation for State and Local Government Sectors. Managing new systems, adhering to regulations, and remaining in compliance requirements is not an easy feat. We create a custom Salesforce solution that does the work for you. 

Solutions for State & Local Governments
Salesforce API Integration

Utilizing Salesforce API Integration for Top Security

Salesforce Government Cloud lives on a multi-tenant community cloud infrastructure. Both a partitioned instance of Salesforce’s platform as a service (PaaS) and software as a service (SaaS), the platform is made specifically for Government and Federal purposes. As a cloud-based solution, Salesforce Government CRMs are fully-customizable, scalable, and capable of integrating freely with API integrations.

From U.S. federal, state, and local government customers to U.S. government contractor and federally funded R&D centers, Salesforce is the solution. Undefined Design provides a secure, transparent, and compliant solution that includes top standards like FedRAMP, DoD IL2/4, and SOC.
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Customize Salesforce with Cloud Consulting

Undefined Design works with State & Local agencies of all sizes and securities to customize applications and enhance the existing platform. Our team embodies years of experience solving the most critical business issues.

Our Salesforce Certified experts customize top features including metadata-driven architecture, annual updates, enhancements, and compatibility with mobile, social, and AI. We adapt Salesforce to your needs. Meanwhile, remaining in compliance with regulations and allowing for connection with any internal or external system, from any device.

Increase Productivity with Project Management Workflow

Salesforce allows our clients to increase productivity while minimizing mistakes. Our team tailors your platform to streamline tasks and process automation. As a result, allowing your colleagues to work more efficiently and accomplish more in their workday. Reduce unnecessary time spent by automating redundant tasks, email notifications, and approval processes. Additionally, task reminders maintain organization and accountability by outlining tasks in need of updates or completion.
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Salesforce Customization

Core Benefits

Undefined Design creates robust and scalable structures around the daily struggles our clients face. Through API entry points and data integration, information is at your fingertips. In turn, custom assets organize your resources in a way that makes sense for your unique business model. Using analysis and reporting, easily determine the most effective solutions as well as which are in need of a tune-up. With an array of Salesforce custom features, accessible benefits are infinite.    

  • Salesforce API Integration: Secure, Transparent, and Compliant, Government CRM solutions align with top privacy standards including.

  • Effective Management Solutions: Improve company overview by managing grants, contracts, property, and inventory in one place.

  • Better Serve Constituents: Provide easier access to information and communication to greatly improve relations with your community. 

Undefined Design Cloud Consulting Services

Our team at Undefined Design combines a myriad of experience implementing Salesforce integrations for diverse industries. With our custom CRM solutions, clients easily track, automate, and optimize critical aspects of their business. Undefined Design has great success in implementing secure, dependable, and scalable solutions for state and local government. A most recent Salesforce Customer Success story includes developing a solution for the Veterans Real Estate Benefit Network (VREB).


As one of the largest National Buyer/SEller Membership Benefits programs, VREB was in need of a solution that automates processes, integrates third-party solutions, and combines external information services. With UD cloud consulting services, VREB is now able to better serve the significant volume of Veterans buying and selling their homes. Become another success story and grow your business by starting the conversation with Undefined Design today. 

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