Salesforce for Nonprofits

Our Solution for Nonprofits

After years of experience in the field, Undefined Design has made some of the most substantial impacts during our quest to customize Salesforce for Nonprofits. The world needs selfless organizations now more than ever. As certified Salesforce experts, our team recognizes that the Salesforce Nonprofit cloud is the only platform capable of truly supporting nonprofits. Combine salesforce customization with the skillset and support that Undefined Design offers, and our outcomes are unparalleled.
Solutions for Nonprofits
Salesforce for Nonprofits

Why Do Nonprofits Need a CRM

Virtually any organization involving customer data, members, and daily interactions can significantly benefit from a Customer Relationship Management system or CRM. A CRM is a cloud-based technology that manages and organizes this massive collection of data. Salesforce just so happens to be the world's best CRM solution.

When it comes to Salesforce for Nonprofits specifically, this solution is unmatchable because of its customization. The main goal of nonprofits is to gain more support. Support is found in the form of donors, members, partnerships, and more. Salesforce supports this mission with program management, fundraising, and marketing capabilities.

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Salesforce for Nonprofits Platform

Salesforce Nonprofit Consultant

Salesforce is a phenomenal platform. After all, it wouldn't be the #1 CRM, if not. However, there is always room for improvement. Consider your favorite pair of shoes, for example. Maybe you wish the laces would stay a little tighter, or the toe was a little wider. If only you could customize the unique benefits that shoe has to offer. Then, you'd really be set. That's where Undefined Design comes in. Our team takes the tools Salesforce has to offer and molds them to the purpose of your organization. We integrate your resources, streamline marketing efforts, and engage members for the success of your mission.
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MemberForce: Customize Salesforce for Nonprofits

Undefined Design sets ourselves apart through our consideration for our partnerships. Our team works to develop a 360-degree view of your mission, powering your objectives accordingly. When considering nonprofits, custom membership management continuously proves to be a key factor. Therefore, we have spent years working with Salesforce partners and customers, utilizing the platform for membership management. We've established an in-depth understanding of the daily struggles of Temple, Synagogue, Church administrators, and other nonprofit organizations. Our proprietary app MemberForce, is integrated with Salesforce to provide a fully automated Membership Management solution.
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MemberForce Key Features:

A key purpose of MemberForce is to simplify day-to-day
operations while improving the everyday experience of users. For our clients, this means we virtually eliminate time-consuming administrative tasks and distribute this time where it can make a larger impact. For example, we use the automation of daily tasks so that valuable managers have more time to promote new classes and events that will engage the community. The best part? New efforts are easily accounted for through assessment tracking. Now, you can determine what tasks are worth your time.
Salesforce Customization for Nonprofits is an invaluable service. However, through our years of experience, these are the key categories where clients have found our Salesforce certified experts most valuable:
Membership Management
Accounting Integration
Payment Integration
Donation Engagement
Assessment Tracking
Classes & Enrollments
Event & Program Management
Community Engagement
Streamline Membership Management