Salesforce Development

Salesforce Development is a smooth combination of aesthetic and functional design. When out of the box tools just don't make the cut, development is your ace in the hole! Undefined Design's certified developers work closely with our clients to create the functionality you want, when you need it.

Salesforce Lightning Components

From the app exchange to custom developed lightning components, UD can help develop your vision.

API Integration Services

Seamlessly link any type of application and increase user adoptions with custom API Integration Services.

Apex Development

Execute flows and obtain complete control over your platform with Apex triggers and the Apex class in Salesforce. 

What are Salesforce Lightning Components?

The lightning component is a developer's best friend. One might even consider lightning components the building block of your Salesforce experience. The UI framework of lightning components provides extreme flexibility and customization when creating user-friendly lightning experiences. How does this benefit you? The more customizable and tailored your Salesforce instance is, the better it is for your business. Our vision is to make your cloud work for you, not the other way away.

Creating a custom object in lightning enables tracking and storing data that's unique to your business. In turn, reporting and dashboards become incredibly valuable and easy to generate assets. Yet to mention, the benefits users receive. Lightning components create an intuitive user experience and build responsiveness on any device. Undefined Design is proud to include lightning components on our list of Salesforce Development offerings.  Get in touch with our team, tell us your vision, and learn more about how we can achieve it together. 

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API Integration Services

If you're here, it's possible that you've run into a roadblock with applications that aren't custom built or native to Salesforce. Or maybe, you just don't have the bandwidth to do it on your own, Either way, Undefined Design is here to help. Third party application integration is extremely useful because it combines all operational functions into one platform. As a result, greatly increasing user adoption. Undefined Design's salesforce consulting services include a team of experts that help ensure your integrations been setup properly to gain full usability and avoid costly issues. We have experience developing the solution for numerous types of custom API integrations. 
Streaming API 
Rest API
Bulk API

Apex Development

Apex in Salesforce is essentially the coding language and our team speaks it fluently. Building custom Apex classes and triggers allows for highly automated actions to occur in Salesforce. Not native to the platform, Apex triggers and classes provide clients an edge with solutions tailored to your needs and critical processes.
User-Defined Methods
Static Initialization
Apex Triggers
Apex Variables
Exception Types
Access Modifyers
Deploy an Efficient Salesforce Platform