Salesforce for Early Childhood Development

Salesforce Consulting Services for Education

With technology playing an increasing role in education, stay ahead of the curve by utilizing the best software for early childhood education. Salesforce is a completely customizable software that allows for seamless system integration. 

Our Salesforce certified experts take the robust platform and mold it to the needs of your students, parents, and faculty. Benefit from payment processing, class registration, and countless internal communication capabilities.

Solutions for Logistics

Grow Student Base with Online Registration Software

Educators are eager for a way to reach the youth of America and provide them with easy access to education. Salesforce makes it easy and enjoyable for parents to enroll their children in classes with online registration software.

Parents can play an active role in early childhood development with access to schedules and additional information on classroom experiences. Through customization and development, UD designs platforms that allow parents to feel comfortable and confident in the care and education of their kids.
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Secure Payment Processing

Secure payment processing is integral for both internal and external communications. Payments, enrollments, and donations in one portal contribute to an overall seamless flow of operations for early childhood development providers.

Education is a cause worth supporting. Partnerships and donors can easily engage and contribute to your mission through secure payment portals.

Parents can effortlessly register their children online and pay class fees. Additionally, payments towards lunch accounts and upcoming events such as field trips can all be done in one place.
Payment Processing

Communicate Effectively with Administrative Staff

Better manage your staff with Salesforce. Meanwhile, make their lives easier with automated processes and the organization of students. Undefined Design develops a platform with all interests in mind. Provide detailed student reports and lists so teachers can better understand the journey of their students and provide the best educational resources possible. From an administrative standpoint, Salesforce processes provide extreme efficiency with automation from billing and reporting to tracking attendance and email campaigns.
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Benefit from Salesforce Customization

Effortlessly Enroll Students: Modernize registration with custom forms and process flows. Whether it’s first-time enrollments, or current parents looking to continue classes for their children, registration is a breeze. 

Connect with the Community: Streamline communication with parents, partners, donors, and volunteers. Salesforce acts as a hub for all things related to quality early childhood education. Guide experiences with varying access and custom messaging.  

Efficiently Communicate with Staff: Help your teaching staff coordinate their educational planning with student rosters and more. Also, make the lives of administration strides less stressful with Salesforce automation.   

Track Valuable Insights: Understand your students, parents, donors, and staff with the ability to track actions and responses. Then, decide which data is most valuable to you with custom reporting. 

Salesforce for Early Childhood

Undefined Design Salesforce Consulting Services

Undefined Design is a team of Salesforce certified experts. Additionally, each of our team members bring countless years of experience and their own expertise to the table. We implement custom CRM solutions that provide exceptional ROI for our clients. Undefined is passionate about what we do. The ability to transform businesses team and make their everyday processes operate efficiently is very rewarding. Both for us and our clients. 

By customizing experience for parents, driving enrollment, and cultivating engagement, our team can help grow your community. Salesforce cloud solutions integrate resources, payment processing, and online class enrollment. Additionally, we keep your community in-the-know with access to scheduling and automatic messaging. Provide exceptional customer experience and increase the number of return students with Undefined Design.

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