Hello, we're Undefined Design.

We design and implement custom business applications on the Salesforce Development Platform.

Who we are.

Undefined Design is a boutique Salesforce consulting agency dedicated to providing business solutions through or integrated with the Salesforce platform. We have a proven track record of generating value from cloud-based software investments and leveraging these in a way to improve your bottom line.

Our approach is focused on combining a personalized consulting experience with deep industry knowledge to enhance your business processes through the cloud quickly and cost effectively. Our staff of Certified Salesforce experts have over 10 years of experience in designing, developing, and implementing solutions with Salesforce and other platforms across all industries.
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What we do.

Our consultants and architects document, design, and build the answers to questions once thought undefinable. Our team will work closely with you to understand your business, develop a solution, and implement a plan that fits your budget. Whether you’re new to the Salesforce platform, have a new business unit to on-board, or looking for on-demand Salesforce talent, our experts are ready to assist.

How we work.

Undefined Design consultants have extensive experience in both the technical and declarative aspects of Salesforce. Our team of certified experts provide you with a personalized roadmap for success on the Salesforce platform. We work with you through each stage of your application's lifecycle to guide you through challenges as they arise and ensure your staff is trained and supported.

Why choose Undefined Design?

Salesforce Development is a combination of aesthetic & functional design. When out of the box tools fail, development is your ace in the hole! Undefined Design's skilled developers will work closely with you to create the functionality you need, when you need it. Our team holds numerous Salesforce Certifications backed by extensive experience in real environments and use cases.

We're certified and experienced.

Our team has real experience in working with Salesforce functionality including; API Integrations, Lightning Components, Visualforce, Apex Classes and Triggers, Lightning Communities, and much more. We hold certifications in:

- Salesforce Administrator
- Salesforce Advanced Administrator
- Salesforce Cloud Consultant
- Sharing and Visibility Designer
- Application Architect
- Platform App Builder
- Platform Developer 1

We learn.

We work with you to design a custom implementation strategy based on your process, tailoring your metadata to in-house workflows, and maximizing ROI at launch.

We improve.

The Salesforce platform grows each year, offering new and improved functionality that keeps your business on the forefront of technological advancements. From analytics to AI, we stay informed, so your business does too.

We inspire.

It’s difficult to know what Salesforce is capable of without extensive experience in solving problems through the platform. We’re here to design what you envision, so ask questions and dream big!
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