Tracking Attendance in Saleforce

Whether it’s course enrollment or tracking attendance in Salesforce, this highly robust platform is capable of virtually anything. Take advantage of the customizable Salesforce apps and add-ons that our team at Undefined Design develops for our clients’ needs.
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Manage Assets

Better manage your assets
 and invest your budget into
 what’s working with asset tracking and automation.

Track Attendance

Discover the most popular 
classes among attendees
 with roster 
exports  and user activity details.

User Experience

Make the most of user experience.
  Manage what is most 
important to members 
with custom tools.

Member, Constituent, and Asset Tracking.

When it comes to Non-Profits and memberships or service-based businesses, your customers are your largest asset. By customizing tracking tools, you can easily organize and visualize the needs of your customers. For example, Salesforce allows you to view and log the timeline of your members and their actions. Seeing the need for a custom organizational tool, Undefined Design built our propriety Salesforce App, MemberForce. 

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Schedule and Track Activities

Tracking assessments and activities is incredibly important and here’s why. Undefined Design can take this information and display it in a user-friendly dashboard. In turn, our visuals give the organization a better idea of which events and activities are generating the most revenue. MemberForce asset tracking highlights designation, assessment dates, amounts, and overall balance. Payment automation and status for individual designations offer clear and concise reporting.  

  • Better invest your budget with Salesforce Asset Tracking 
  • Discover what’s important to Members with user activity details 
  • Automate payments and monitor financial statuses

Tracking Attendance
in Salesforce

Effortlessly manage classes inside Salesforce with the Classes and Enrollment function of MemberForce. Online registration is a breeze for students and staff. Our custom solution integrates into Salesforce to simplify information and allocate the details of each attendee. Quickly view and edit class rosters and attendance with advanced screens for managing rosters and enrolling members of the community. 

  • Track attendance with our seamless Salesforce integration
  • Discover which classes are the most popular among students
  • Simplify enrollment and manage participation
  • Automatically promote class levels

Better Manage 
Yahrzeit Experiences

Temples and Synagogues greatly benefit from custom Salesforce Solutions. UD designs and develops Salesforce add ons and apps that would be most valuable for constituents. The 360 view allows members easy access to discussion board postings, bulletin boards, exports, and emails. Salesforce customization boosts congregation engagement with real-time updates and member profiles. Undefined Design effortlessly integrates with Rabbi’s Salesforce 1 mobile access for high-level planning. 

  • Link observations and donations to individual Yahrzeit records 
  • Automate Yahrzeit reminders according to Hebrew and Gregorian Calendars 
  • Create automatic Conversion of Gregorian dates to Hebrew dates
  • Manage and share burial, unveiling, funeral, and additional information with members

Start Tracking Attendance in Salesforce Today

Gain a 360° view of each member in with Undefined Design. We customize Salesforce tools to track user activity, event attendance, and class participation. You can even gain insight into their activity on social media sites to build a stronger, long-lasting relationships through effective, tailored messsaging. Generate statements, manage billing and payments, and create reporting that identifies your most active members.

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